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GP & Primary Care Jobs Cumbria PCE

Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC) provides healthcare services to patients, families and communities throughout the county. CHOC manage this website which provides visibility of current vacancies in Primary Care across Cumbria.

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Clinical and non-clinical staff /
looking for work

Filtered vacancies

Powerful selection tools help you target vacancies that precisely match the kind of work you’re looking for. And with one-click contact options on every job post, there’s no time wasted between finding suitable work and applying for it.

Shared calendar

At the heart of your home page is a calendar that helps you see at a glance when work and training events are available. It’s perfect for staying connected to the wealth of opportunities that a Primary Care Exchange membership provides.

Email updates

Once you’ve set up an account, we’ll use your preferences to send you email bundles full of new vacancies, local events and any notifications you need to see as frequently, or infrequently, as you’d like.

Employers /
looking for staff

Filtered applicants

Primary Care Exchange has been built to suit your local area, putting you in touch with more suitable applicants straight away. Thanks to a simple work history tracking scheme, an established PCE franchise will also be able to offer you a list of confirmed experience for each job seeker too, helping provide confidence in each potential hire.

NHS savvy tools

Serious care has gone into making Primary Care Exchange’s suite of job posting tools suit medical professionals and save busywork. Got a collection of locum dates to fill? There’s no need to type up each one individually; just write the description and use our simple date picker to post a batch of vacancies all at once. Need a post filled urgently? We have a priority system in place to get that in front of our members’ eyes fast.

Events to shout about

With free membership for educational providers and a dedicated system to promote local events, you can rest assured that Primary Care Exchange is enriching the talent pool at the same time as making it easier for you to find skilled workers. How’s that for a win-win?

Educational providers /
posting events

Get your events seen

Membership for educational providers is free. So why not sign up and access a target audience who are ready and waiting to hear about what you have to offer.

Helpful tools

We've made it easy for our members to add events to their calendar, and even view them in Google Maps. Do you want to add additional documents to your events, like programs, menus or sign up forms? That's no problem for us.

Low hassle

Use your own Primary Care Exchange address book to quickly select your favourite venues. Posting similar events on a regualsr basis? Create a template which you can use over and over again.